Calling Overcomers in Jesus Christ: One Minute Prayer

One Minute Prayer For Church Revival

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please read and if you agree, stand in agreement with me and repeat this petition to God.

Heavenly Father, Almighty and Merciful God, thank You for the precious gift of this day and the generosity of Your many blessings in our lives, especially the ones we weren't even aware of. Thank You for letting us spend another day in service to Your kingdom. Forgive us for our sins and weaknesses, for our disobediences and iniquities. Cleanse us of all our unrighteousness and make us new and acceptable in Your sight again. Redeem us from our own folly and lusts of our hearts and our flesh. Fill us up to the brim with Your Holy Spirit. Raise us from the sorrow of this world and cover us with Your love and grace and mercy like a blanket of warmth and comfort .

We humbly come before You in faith and believing in the power of the blood of the cross of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, asking a special blessing for a revival of faith in our churches and in our Christian families around the world. Rekindle in us Father God, that fire of desire for You and Your Word that we felt within us when we first believed. Inspire us to become more than we are now in Your service to the glory of Your kingdom. Help us to refocus our attentions from our own ambitions and personal desires to Your divine purpose and perfect will for our lives. Give us Your wisdom to know where You would have us be and what You would have us do. Give us the courage to accept the things You will ask of us. Give us the provision and strength in our bodies to do these things and let us all encourage one another to be brave and bold in our faith toward You and Your blessed Son.

Lord of all the universe, Author of our salvation, let our daily lives become a true light to all Your beloved children who know and see us, that they would be inspired to have what we have and come to know You as we do. Let our lives become like living Bibles in everything we do and everywhere we go, spreading the gospel of salvation through the cross of our Savior, Christ Jesus by the very way we are living in Your service. Forgive us when we stumble and disappoint You and please don't let anything we do hinder any of Your children in coming to seek You for themselves. Father God, light a bonfire among Your children that will burn so brightly, with tenderness and love for each other that all the world will see and feel its warmth and be drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Let this be the beginning of the migration from all the lost misguided beliefs and false religions around the world to the one and only true God as You call all Your lost sheep home. Let it happen with great rejoicing and singing and dancing and excited shouts of hallelujah and glory to God in the highest. And let all the parts of this blessing begin with us now, right where we are now, where ever that is. We claim the promise of Jesus that wherever two or more agree on anything on earth and ask it of You in His name, that You will accomplish it for us. All these things we ask and pray in the name of our Redeemer, Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. Amen

Share this prayer with as many as God leads you to or no one at all, either way you are loved by Him and me.
Your brother in Christ - Jon Henry